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Lots of fun stuff on this list: House's pissed-off right leg, dark!House, Chase/Foreman pre-slash, all kindsa fics.

Crack, epic storytelling, the works )
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Even though those who know me know I have no shame whatsoever, I thought I should do a post to let you all know that this journal is semi-friends only.  Many of my personal entries are double f-locked.

More than 50% of the entries are public, and as for the others:

Joan Crawford is the gatekeeper!  And she's TOUGH!
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All fics on this list are House/Wilson.

Lots of House and Wilson Goodness! )
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Cracky fics about two hot guys who kill monsters, and their friend the clueless angel. Lots of other characters but I've already got enough tags.

Pie And Other Deep Stuff )
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Why do people write, tweet, or go on TV to say "the president must disavow" or "the president must learn" or "the president must acknowledge" or "the president needs to change"?

He cannot disavow, he cannot learn, he cannot acknowledge, he cannot CHANGE.

He is a 71-year-old racist soulless bastard who is incapable of caring about anyone but himself. He has always been this person. Why do people keep thinking he might change???

How many crazy 71-year-olds do you know who are going to change?

He has always been and will always be this person.

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I wrote an angry email to Photobucket. They wrote back about giving me a Legacy plan. I wrote back, "what is a legacy plan and how much does it cost?"

Hi Elisa,

The Plus 20 Legacy Pro plan includes 3rd party hosting, linking and 2 GB of storage, the renew price of this plan is $25. If the plan is renewed for another year, an upgrade to one of our current plans will be required in September of 2018.

Best regards,

Ash@Photobucket Support

So, I'll renew and then I have a year to figure out what to do. I suggest writing to Photobucket support and expressing anger and threaten to leave (in a non-hysterical way) and see what happens.

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Donald Trump is creating a "real news" channel on his FACEBOOK PAGE.  So, who's going to be Director of Programming?  Julian Assange?  Bill O' Reilly? 

Please, God, get someone with the balls to indict this motherfucker already!!!
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So, I got the email from Photobucket saying that I've been grandfathered into their new program. However, when my subscription ends, if I want 3rd party hosting, I have to pay $400/year.

The sheer shamelessness of this floors me. Anyone want to suggest an alternative? I'm willing to pay a small subscription fee if necessary.

In the meantime, I have just about all of the photos on my hard drive.

P.S. My mouth still hurts like a bitch.
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Remember Psy from "Gangham Style"? He's been making videos all this time. This is a new one, called "New Face", with English subtitles. I'm posting it here because it's catchy and it made me laugh.


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