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Lots of fun stuff on this list: House's pissed-off right leg, dark!House, Chase/Foreman pre-slash, all kindsa fics.

And Now, A Word From House's Leg
House's right leg has very strong opinions about Season Six, and lets you in on a few things House would rather you didn't know. R for language...this is one seriously pissed-off leg. I'd say this was crack, but you'll have to ask the leg.  Is a leg RPS?

Another Word From House's Leg, and Another Member
Crack, angst, R for language  2000 words
House's leg has plenty to say about the Season 7 premier, "Now What?". Not only that, a special guest organ that lives close by also contributes.

This Cannot Possibly End Well
Inspired by Season 7
Warning: Death fic (no major characters), violence, dark!House
Rating: R
Word Count:  978
Partly inspired by [info]chocolatefrapp 's "Invasion Of The Cuddy Snatchers" and [ profile] yarroway 's "Bizarro or The Real Deal"

Something To Cry About
Warning: violence, possible triggers
Genre: angst
Rating: PG-13 for language
Word Count: 243
A ficlet about how some things change

Genre: crack spoilers, if such a thing exists
Rating: G
Announcement of big changes for Season Eight.

Two Of A Kind
Genre: fluff
Rating: PG
Word count: 426
Pairing: Chase/Foreman, ust, pre-slash
Foreman is tired of his fashion style.  Chase offers to help.

Get Out Of The Car - An AU Story
Genre: Don't know
Word count: 400
House gets revenge for Season 7

Genre: Crack
Word Count: 10,000
Characters: House's team, Rachel Cuddy, OCs
Inspired by Inquiry by z[ profile] zeppomarx


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