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So, my fic has a tiny (but growing!) audience. I used to be frustrated about it, but accepted the reality: tiny audience, tiny comments. Also, I seem to be the only writer doing this. I wouldn't if I didn't keep compulsively coming up with stories. Believe me, if I could stop, I would stop.

However, sometimes the comments are so lovely they have brought me to tears. So I'm posting a few. Feel free to skip.  There's also a bunch on

Don't worry about not understanding what they're about.

ETA: If there seems to be a paucity of House stories, it's because all of the post-ep fics are in one place, and I removed "The Princess And The Peeved" from both sites.



Don't Overthink Things

I plowed through all of the After Verse series in one sitting and I am not ashamed, hee. I just wanted to let you know how much I loved the whole series!! I just saw the movie for the first time today, and it blew me away. The roller coaster of emotions it takes you through are /intense/ but the movie was still funny and brilliant all throughout. And after I read your work, it made the movie even better for me, in some weird sense. It's amazing; it almost feels like this could be an extension of the movie, because it was so well-written and well-thought out. The way you wrote scenes and details throughout all of them, from the way Hank swam after Manny until his whole body hurt, to Manny singing Nine Inch Nails to Hank to calm him down while helping him get off. All of it was amazing, and your hard work and effort in making everything faithful to the movie's form shone through in each of the stories. It's a little sad that there doesn't seem to be a lot of fanfic for this ship out there, but I'm sure all of us shippers are glad you're here! This series was such a pleasure to read. 11/10 would read again and again forever.

Anyway, sorry for rambling! I just thought you deserved to know that this series is awesome and I bloody loved all of them. And when you write something new for the ship, know that one person is really grateful and appreciative of your work! Woot woot! *cheers you on*
Dear god you're talented. *u* I'm so glad there's three new stories in your series, every bit as fantastic as the first ones. Keep going, 'kay? Hank and Manny deserve all the happiness you give them <3
Thank you, my dear! That was hot, and also very funny. I started laughing when Manny screamed at himself in the mirror and didn't stop till the end.

The Return of "Sarah"

Pardon my French, but goddamn I fucking loved this so much. Hurts so good and ends so beautiful. It made me cry IRL! ;__; Thank you for this, really. <3

Dancing And Singing And Farting (first story)

"He was going to drown. Drowning looked so easy in the movies, the hero walked into the waves and disappeared, maybe with one artsy-fartsy shot of bubbles in the water. Real drowning was going to be a bitch and a half."

I love this. That always bothered me. No one just fucking walks in and drowns. How even? This is so cute, dude. I don't think I even read this one. I think I just went straight in for the sex fic. Typical me.

DON'T BE DEAD oh my heart!! Thank you for writing this lovely fic. You don't know how long I've been waiting for a SAM fic like this. You captured the absurdity of the movie so well and you wrote Hank and Manny spot on!


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