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All fics on this list are House/Wilson.

The Princess and The Peeved
Word Count: 170,000 words
.Genres: crack, slash, fluff, angst, hurt/comfort, needy!House, nasty!House.  House/Wilson est. friendship/ust/slash; House/OFC, Wilson/OMC
Historical AU
House is trapped in an 18th century kingdom with a princess who bears a remarkable resemblance to Wilson.  All sorts of stuff happens: romance, het sex, slash, adventure, humor, you name it. Parallel with early season 6, when House is sleeping on Wilson's couch and Cuddy is with Lucas. Chapters are individually rated from G to NC-17.
This is the link to the first chapter.  There are a table of contents, or you can look for the tag tp&tp.

Epic Fic Is Epic
NC-17, 1100 words.  Wilson discovers he is in love with House. Crackiness and about ten different genres ensues. No disclaimers, because I own them and I'm going to make a buttload of cash with this. Warnings for language, slash, and improper use of scotch tape

.The Very, Very Secret Diary of James Wilson, M.D.
;635 words Crack, pg-13  ficlet.  Silly Hilson story

Nice Day For A White Wedding
This is my entry for the House/Wilson Slash/Porn Fest, prompt #4 by [ profile] jezziejay;
House and Wilson want to get married in a civil ceremony. But Wilson's mother has other ideas.
5500 words
Genre: slash, angst, fluff
Rating: NC-17
A/N  This is my favorite one-shot fic.

Birthday Surprise
Complete fluff.  Written for sick!Wilson fest

Singin' in The Rain
Fluffy fluff.  1600 words.  Rated G
House is annoyed by Wilson's latest hobby.  A silly Hilson story.

What'd I Say
Genre: fluff, ust
Word count: 1275
Rating: G
To make their cross-country journey interesting, House teaches Wilson to play the piano.

Collaborative and Chain Fics

All I Want for Christmas Is You
AUTHORS: [ profile] cuddyclothes[ profile] flywoman[ profile] jezziejayand [ profile] pgrabia
PAIRINGS: House/Cuddy ending in House/Wilson
SUMMARY: Wilson is forced into a Santa suit and overdoes it on the eggnog at the annual PPTH holiday party, House attempts to take him home, and everyone eventually gets what they wanted for Christmas, except Cuddy.
Written for sick!wilson fest.

Gangster Paradise1/2
Authors: [ profile] flywoman , [ profile] menolly_au , [ profile] luridlurker , [ profile] roseofpain84 , [ profile] damigella_314 , [ profile] writerdot , [ profile] pgrabia , [ profile] cellista_in_c , and [ profile] cuddyclothes
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Crack. And I'm talking about the good stuff.
Summary: Post 7X23, "Moving On." When Wilson tracks House down at his beach paradise, they find themselves entangled in local politics and are made an offer they can't refuse.
Disclaimer: If we owned these characters, we could buy ourselves a little tropical island.
Notes: Written for the "Where Do We Go from Here?" Chain Fic Challenge

Gangster Paradise 2/2
See above,

Post-Episode Fics:

A Pox On Our House - A Few Hours Later
Genre: missing scenes.  Rated R for language.  House and Wilson get together for beers after Wilson has suggested Sam become pregnant

Small Sacrifices: Diversions (A Few Minutes Later)
Genre: missing scenes, slash.  Rated R for language and stuff.  What happened after House threw Wilson out. Ficlet

Larger Than Life - The Next Morning
Genre: missing scenes, fluff.  R for language and stuff.  What happened to Wilson after Cuddy's birthday dinner.  He goes to House to grovel.  Ficlet

Two Stories...Ten Minutes Later
Genre: post-ep
What happened when House went to Wilson's office.

Bombshells...Role Model
Genre: friendship
What happened after House and Cuddy broke up.

Out of The Chute - Wet
Genre: post-ep, angst
Rating: R.
A few minutes after the ending.  What happened when House pulled Wilson Into the pool.

The Dig - Later That Night
Genre: humor, fluffy fluff
Rating: PG-13
What happened after House dropped off Thirteen.

The Last Temptation of Godot
Genre: crack, post-ep
Rating: G
What happened when House and Wilson held chickens.

Moving On - A Few Minutes Later
Genre: crack, outrage, fluffy slash
Word count: 850
Rating: PG-13 for language
Summary: What happened right after the events of "Moving On"
A bit of fluffy goodness to wash the taste of the finale out of our mouth

Get Out Of The Car
Post-ep "Moving On"
Genre: Rage
Word count: 400
Rating: R for language
What happened when House told Wilson to get out of the car.

Transplant - One Hour Later
Genre: Humor
Word Count: 321
Rating:  PG
What happened when Foreman stopped by House's office.

Charity Case - Later That Night
Genre: post-ep, smut
Rating: NC-17
What happened when House and Wilson got Adams's red shoes

Risky Business - The Next Morning
Genre: post-ep, angst
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 611
What happened during a bedtime conversation between House and WIlson

Parents - Much Later That Night
Genre: post-ep, humor
Rating:  PG for language
What happened when House returned from Atlantic City

Dead And Buried - Two Days Later
Genre: crack
Words: 467
Rating: R
What happened when House bailed on clinic duty.

The Perils of Paranoia - Later That Night
Genre: smut
Word count: 623
Rating: R
What happened after House put away his father's sword

Love Is Blind - Later That Night
Genre: fluff
Rating: R
What happened when House showed Wilson his birthmark

Family Practice - The Next Day
Genre: crack
Rating: PG
How was your night, House?

Gut Check - A Few Nights Later
Rating: R
Slightly perverted

The C-Word - The Next Day
Genre: crack
Rating: PG
What happened when House went back to his office

Post Mortem - Missing Scene
Genre: gen
Rating: G
What happened the day after Wilson's threesome

Everybody Dies - Three Days Later
Genre: fluff
Rating: R
Wilson and House start their road trip


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