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So, once again, I’m tempted to write in another fandom. Over the years I’ve written fanfic for “Supernatural”, “House MD”, “Swiss Army Man” and on, a challenge, for “Dragnet”. It will take a long time to get the image of a naked Joe Friday out of my mind. Be careful of the writing challenges you accept.

Over the years, fanfic has proven the easiest thing to write. There are few expectations, no deadlines, no exposure to the wider world. The fandom applauds my stories and compliments my talent. It’s like giving candy to a baby. I’m a very good writer and I write easily in the voice of others. After all, I’ve been a playwright/monologuist for years.

I wrote my first Jeeves/Wooster fic, “Hard Boiled Eggs” and I’ve been on a reading binge for at least a week. A large part of the latter activity is that Mom's doing badly and I need to hide from that and from the state of the world in general. So I plunge into the world of fanfiction, Archive of Our Own, for hours on end.

But is all of my time to be taken up writing fanfic? I’m not young anymore. I should be turning my thoughts to a memoir, and essays. I have many ideas. I’ve written about mental illness. Right now I’m writing a piece about going insane. Going insane is definitely one of my strongest skill sets. I’m considering writing about handling a gun while I was in Memphis and how I really wanted to buy it. Even though I’m pro-gun control and a New Yorker to boot. I should finish a long piece I’ve been writing about my father’s death. Or the time a SWAT team showed up on my doorstep and took me to the psych ward. (Turns out it was a false alarm–someone called in to 911 deliberately. I never found out who it was.) I managed to write about being deported from England, in “A Basket Full of Cats”.  Here
I should finish the enormous historical fantasy novel "The Princess and The Peeved" that I’ve worked on in spurts since 2009. I've finished reading Part 1 to my writing group. They shower me with applause and compliments.  I should promote the anthology of my plays, “Cervix With A Smile”, that Exit Press published over a year ago. I should try to perform more than twice a year.
 Part of me just wants to write about the unexpected consequences of when Bertie convinces Jeeves to be Fred Astaire to Bertie’s Ginger Rogers.
 If I was younger I wouldn’t be quite so conflicted. Oh, wait, I’m always so conflicted.

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So, I got the email from Photobucket saying that I've been grandfathered into their new program. However, when my subscription ends, if I want 3rd party hosting, I have to pay $400/year.

The sheer shamelessness of this floors me. Anyone want to suggest an alternative? I'm willing to pay a small subscription fee if necessary.

In the meantime, I have just about all of the photos on my hard drive.

P.S. My mouth still hurts like a bitch.
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I wrote 11 pages of SAM fanfic yesterday.  Whenever this obsession lifts, I will be grateful.  I'm also watching "The Practice" and "Boston Legal", the later on DVR so I'll pace myself.  However:
1) Our TV broke - getting a new one cost almost $400.
2) I discovered Fletcher has been peeing on a corner of a large rug.  We were going to get rid of it anyway, but JEEZ.  My dog walker came over, helped me roll it up and put in the room by the freight elevator.  The building guys are going to be so disgusted.
3) Jeff was informed at 1 pm Friday that his office would be moving to 64th Street over the weekend
4) Cleo is going to have to boarded (at $63 a night!) at the vet's because of her continuing medical problems. They're not dire, but we'll be in Dallas Wed-Sun and we can't leave her that long. The bill for the last visit was so large we almost maxed out our low-balance credit card.
5) We got a notice from New York State tax folks that we're getting audit. Apparently this is something they do at random, and we've been picked this year.
6) Speaking of my building guys, I asked one of them if I could leave my TV by the freight elevator. Then I cracked, "I'd like to toss it out the window and watch it smash on the sidewalk".  Big mistake: there were a lot of people in the lobby.  As I walked toward the elevator, I heard a guy say, "What was that?"
7) We're both being bombarded with "restricted" calls on our cells.  According to our service provider, we'd have to pay an additional $10/mo to have them blocked.   Grrrr
8) I want to watch "Okja" on Netflix.  It comes out today.  We don't have Netflix and can't afford it.
9) Time for another round of cancer doctors' appointments.  Bleagh.
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My brother and his family are touring France.  My sister and her family are touring Italy.  My stomach is churning with envy. We can’t afford it. And we’re going to Dallas in JULY for a goddamned convention.  Shit shit shit.

To make matters worse, we have a guy who's going to the convention staying with us for the weekend for a mini-convention on Sunday, and I just blew up in front of him.  Major apologies and groveling will be called for.

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There's no fandom for "Swiss Army Man," but literally hundreds of people are reading my stories here.  Even if it's the same people, it's a fuck of a lot. If it weren't for the Stats, I would think nobody was reading the damn things.

Within half an hour of posting, 14 people read "The Playground"!

"I don't know why they're not commenting either, Manny."
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I'm watching "Holy Terror" and "Road Trip" this morning on TNT.  Goddamn, those were great episodes!!  I'm a big fan of S8 & S9, and to me, S10 was a slop fest.  Demon!Dean was only there for three episodes, and the rest of the season flirted with the idea, but it never came back with the same force.  You can read my reviews of the time.

Also, I was so invested that I wrote long, detailed reviews.  S11 is a lot better than S10, but the mythology sucks.  Not sure I'll be around for S12. Unless the Big Bad is some sort of amazeballs I'm not interested.


SPN_909 Gadreel kills Kevin
I cried all night when this happened.

Anyway, this season the bottle episodes are SO much better than the overall arc.  Season 12 (gaa) should be all bottle episodes.  That would be awesome.
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I wrote a shortened version of this over at [ profile] spn_bunker.  I'm working out my feeling about this season and the show in general.  All opinions are my own.  Go nuts in the comments, do not be personally abusive or I will delete your comments and ban you from my journal.

Dear Supernatural:

Please win me back. I'm getting increasingly depressed and unsatisfied. Read more... )
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Leverage sucks.  It's not good enough to come into the middle of it, and the crimes are sub-par.  Aldis Hodge is funny, though.

Dallas sucks (I was given a DVD).  I can't imagine how bad it is without Larry Hagman.  And somebody needs to tell Charlene Tilton that besides her career, the 80s are also over.

Happily Divorced is so bad I wanted to brain myself halfway through the episode.  And there issomething medically wrong with Fran Drescher.  I don't know what it is.  But there is something there.

Hot In Cleveland is Proust compared to the above garbage.  Although I find it deeply unnerving to see women in their 50s trying to look like women in their 30s, Betty White is above reproach.  There's some funny lines, and good guest stars.  But a few times was puh-lenty.

Burn Notice - I liked this a lot its first season, even if Michael Weston's weird teeth keep distracting me (as well as his attempts at various accents).  Once they got the fourth guy, I dropped out.

Royal Pains, White Collar, Suits, and the other standard-issue USA shows are too hard to tell apart.  God, I hate Piper Perabo.

Anything that calls its main character a "maverick" loses my vote instantly.  House is a maverick.  You just don't like to wear the same clothes as other people on your show.

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1) My computer still doesn't recognize my camera, although it's there and I'm told the device is "working properly."  However, when I plug it in, "no camera found".

2) Jeff took dozens of photos at LBI, and he couldn't download them last night.  AAAYEEEE!

And nobody's posting to the House comms anymore.  Bummer.  No new shiny fandoms beckon.


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