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Cracky fics about two hot guys who kill monsters, and their friend the clueless angel. Lots of other characters but I've already got enough tags.

Pie And Other Deep Stuff )
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So I've been dicking around on tumblr. It's just for pictures and linking things, not for anything else that I can see. Although if you're in a fandom I can see how it would be lethal.  I only follow one, maybe two SPN fans there.


"What Tumblr Led Me To Expect Of Supernatural"





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I worship at the altar of Spike Milligan. He and Peter Cook are my two comedy GODS.

This is an extremely silly sketched called "Pakistani Dalek". I can't see anything that makes it Pakistani except "Put it in the curry!". Snort.

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For everyone having a tough time right now.  This video shows Spike Milligan, Peter Cook, the Goons, Laurel & Hardy and others!  Still photos but wonderful.

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In 2006, David Bowie made a special appearance on "Extras," Ricky Gervais's comedy series.  Some clips only have the song, but this has from David's entrance onward.  Stephen Merchant is also prominently featured.  Too bad more of David's humor wasn't showcased like this.  If you're impatient, go to the 5:00 minute mark.

There's also a short interview (his last, as it turned out) that's also quite funny.
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For those of you whose idea of a good time is NOT watching football, you might enjoy these insane guys, the day job orchestra.  They lip-sync, one line at a time, any sort of nonsense they can think of.  Their preferred mode seems to be Star Trek TGN, but other Star Treks, politicians, etc.

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"For those of you needing some light relief, here is a very funny outtake from Season 7 of Supernatural.

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This is a classic - a rap performed by Strunk & White!

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I just published your wonderful DVD "commentary" with  "David Shore" and  "Greg Yaitanes" on my blog,  "Diary of a Mad Fashionista.' For anyone who hasn't read it, please go here:

Diary of A Mad Fashionista

After the furor of my previous entry, I thought it would be nice to put in some fun.  Again, thank you for a piece of comic genius, [ profile] barefootpuddles !!

Now go read it.  NOW.  Don't make me come over there.


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