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To cope with the hideousness of the world, I started reading Jeeves/Wooster stories. I am hooked.

So, knocking out 'Jeeves And The Hardboiled Eggs' was a lot of fun, so I thought I'd start another story with the premise: Bertie is bisexual and is having a casual affair with a chorus girl. Hadn't thought much beyond that.

Then, the evil thing starts GROWING. What if Jeeves has taken a vow of celibacy? Maybe bunging Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers into it would be fun. What if Bertie discovers the theater is the perfect hiding in plain sight place for inverts?


At present I have almost 30 pages of partial scenes, each one divide, and more needing to be written. I'm not going to post anything until most of it is done. I've ran into so many WIPs in this fandom I'm ready to deck somebody. It's harder to tell on LJ than A03 when something is finished or not.

Fic rec: There Are No Winners In War, by BaBaLooBlue. A fantastic "missing scenes" story about the trip back from House's father's funeral. Beautifully written and no woobieness in sight.

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I wrote 11 pages of SAM fanfic yesterday.  Whenever this obsession lifts, I will be grateful.  I'm also watching "The Practice" and "Boston Legal", the later on DVR so I'll pace myself.  However:
1) Our TV broke - getting a new one cost almost $400.
2) I discovered Fletcher has been peeing on a corner of a large rug.  We were going to get rid of it anyway, but JEEZ.  My dog walker came over, helped me roll it up and put in the room by the freight elevator.  The building guys are going to be so disgusted.
3) Jeff was informed at 1 pm Friday that his office would be moving to 64th Street over the weekend
4) Cleo is going to have to boarded (at $63 a night!) at the vet's because of her continuing medical problems. They're not dire, but we'll be in Dallas Wed-Sun and we can't leave her that long. The bill for the last visit was so large we almost maxed out our low-balance credit card.
5) We got a notice from New York State tax folks that we're getting audit. Apparently this is something they do at random, and we've been picked this year.
6) Speaking of my building guys, I asked one of them if I could leave my TV by the freight elevator. Then I cracked, "I'd like to toss it out the window and watch it smash on the sidewalk".  Big mistake: there were a lot of people in the lobby.  As I walked toward the elevator, I heard a guy say, "What was that?"
7) We're both being bombarded with "restricted" calls on our cells.  According to our service provider, we'd have to pay an additional $10/mo to have them blocked.   Grrrr
8) I want to watch "Okja" on Netflix.  It comes out today.  We don't have Netflix and can't afford it.
9) Time for another round of cancer doctors' appointments.  Bleagh.
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There's a path along Riverside Drive from 106th to 108th Streets, close to where I live.  It's hidden from view and many people don't know about it.  Jeff and I call it "the poop path" because Fletcher is guaranteed to--well--poop there.  It's beautifully tended by a dedicated volunteer.  From 106th Street, you walk down a flight of marble stairs to a bus stop.

Recently I spotted holes in the ground on the path.  Then I saw yellow jackets climbing in and out of them.  Yellow jackets are extremely aggressive wasps who nest underground.  They swarm, and from my own experience, I can tell you, those stings HURT.
Scary little fuckers )
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It occurred to me the other day that if LJ went down, I would lose years of entries.  So I decided to make several Word docs.  The first one is "Personal", so far the second one is "Idle House entries".  Not the stories, which are all on my hard drive, but thoughts, arguments, etc.  I just came across a post done in 2010, "When Good Fandoms Go Bad."  It's f-locked because of the craziness back then, but I'll reprint a bit of it.  Because some things about fandom never change. ;):

Same As It Ever Was )
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I mean, I really hate this new version.  I hate not having the option of switching back to the older version.  I'm a paying customer!  Site owners tend to forget that many LJ users are PAYING FOR THIS SHIT.  They figure they have us over a barrel, so no matter how much we complain...

I am so pissed.  Not a great way to start the morning.
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I'm trying to create a graphics comm for myself, to store all of my fan art.  HOWEVER, I've got one sort-of made, but it keeps switching over here.  Even though it's a comm!  Also, I made about five other comms trying out different titles.  How was I to know that's how the goddamn thing works??

Anyone who has had experience with this, HELP!  I've finding LJ to be remarkably unhelpful.
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Ever wonder where some of those journal statistics come from?  I googled my user name, and somehow came across a "Com House Smut."  There was quite a bit of my stuff there.

I couldn't find it again, except it was through, a search engine that looks for everything LJ, including the authors.  I also had an AO# mention or two.  There were a lot of repeats.

You might want to look yourself up.  Also, Google, which is always interesting.
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Last night I realized why I've have been having so much trouble completing TP&TP.  Nothing to do with logistics.  Shit.

And it's not what you'd think.


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