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If you feel like discussing last night's episode, we are doing so at one of the only LJ comms devoted to The Walking Dead, [ profile] walkingdead_tv
here's the link.

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There is a comm for The Walking Dead, called [ profile] walkingdead_tv. It's a small comm and the only discussion/fanfic/etc. comm I could find. Right now we are discussing 7x2, "The Well".  Come over and look around.  I haven't seen the mods for a while, though.
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I wrote a shortened version of this over at [ profile] spn_bunker.  I'm working out my feeling about this season and the show in general.  All opinions are my own.  Go nuts in the comments, do not be personally abusive or I will delete your comments and ban you from my journal.

Dear Supernatural:

Please win me back. I'm getting increasingly depressed and unsatisfied. Read more... )
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As some of you might know I thought the ending of Season 10 was a real crapfest.

So. I've seen the trailer and the photos of the new female cast member.  Color me deeply unimpressed, even angry.  And hurt in a strange way.  Seriously, guys, are you even trying?




More fun picspam! )

Source for strip at the top
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In which we start with the personal digs during our discussion.  And there's the discussion itself, of course.

You see view it here: The House Dialogues

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As many of you know, from 2011-2012, my friend Carle and I had a daily email conversation about "House".  He watched each episode from Season 1 to Season 5.  That was my suggested cut-off point.

Hating to see that much work go to waste, I've set up a blog, The House Dialogues, where we critique each episode.  The formatting is kind of a bitch, but I'm going to try to put a "new" entry every few days.  Folks are encouraged to respond!

A sample: (Maternity)

C: Maternity. you know, when i think about the Paternity episode, i think it really ought to have been called, Parenting, because it didn't have anything to do with a paternity suit and the fact that the kid was adopted makes it more about a 'family matter' than anything having to do with who was the sire and who was the dam...and who is the parasite. which may have been the major point of this ep, as house gets to show his contempt for children as well. as for the treatment? no way. never in 1000yrs. this is the stuff that trial lawyers' dreams are made of. sorry, uh-uh. violates credibility  <snip>

House will do ANYTHING to keep from being bored.  Everything is a substitute for his basic addiction: medicine.  Without medicine he is nothing.  Well, he's a drug addict, too.  Pills, video games, for the latter, House watches it all over the hospital as long as he can be left alone.  Mostly in the wing where the coma patients are.  For the medical, etc., you should check a great site, "Polite Dissent," in which a doctor analyzes the medicine in each episode. There are several doctors on the staff, but still, the show plays fast and loose.  This show in some ways is as formulaic as "Law And Order"; patient shows up, the staff nearly kills him a few times before finding the disease--although sometimes they die.

no way. never in 1000yrs. this is the stuff that trial lawyers' dreams are made of. sorry, uh-uh. violates credibility

As I wrote earlier, in real life House would never sustain employment.  But this is a tv show called "House, MD," so...
right. answers the above. understood. this is "medical lite" like law&order is "legal lite". so the idea is to ignore the contrivances [after all, this is listed as a mystery] and concentrate on adapting the acerbic comments to any public discourse i might engage in, yes?
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Much has been made about how stupid it was of Sam to talk to Dean about killing Crowley where Crowley could hear him.

I think that was exactly Sam's plan.  Because Dean and that blade were bad news, infinitely worse than Crowley having it in "safe keeping."  Sam knew that.  I've wondered if Sam has some reason for the way he's been behaving toward Crowley.  It was odd enough that people picked up on it.  Sam and Crowley aren't working together, but I think Sam's got something going on we don't know about yet.

ETA: What I mean is, Crowley killed Sarah last season, as well as Kevin's girlfriend, and tortured Kevin.  I have no illusions about Crowley.  Even though I love the character and Mark Sheppard is so damn good and so charismatic.  What I'm curious about is that Sam plays it close to the vest.  Being outright hostile is usually Dean's MO.

ETA:(2) NO BASHING OR YOUR COMMENTS WILL BE DELETED.  This should be a safe space for fans to express their feelings.  My journal is not tumblr, okay?


Pestilence approves copy

Just though I'd stick that in.
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Thanks to the good folks at [ profile] all_spn, I found this review.  This is a very thoughtful, metaphysical reading of "Captives" on TV For The Rest Of Us.  I STRONGLY recommend reading it.  I may not agree with everything, but it's one of the most interesting reviews about this episode.  She posted it there rather than one another site filled with "Sam girls" and "Dean girls". So, I would appreciate no bashing when you read this.


Before I go any further into character analysis, I’d like to first fathom the metaphysical ramifications of what we discovered in “Captives.”  I’m still trying to wrap my head around this idea that because Heaven is closed for business, all business.  Angels have fallen to earth, newly departed souls can’t get into Heaven, so it’s just Metatron and all the other souls up there?  Wow, that is a major imbalance of the natural order.

Think about it.  Imagine Sam in the season premiere going with Death (or whoever it was) to the great beyond.  He would have been stuffed into the veil!  Death (or whoever) wouldn’t really be able to deliver on that promise of never coming back, would he?  Of course if it was Death, he’s pretty powerful, so maybe he would have been able to get Sam into Heaven.   But suddenly, the idea of saving Sam from death no matter what the cost doesn’t seem so bad. 
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Yes, according to this article in article from 2010, "Supernatural and 5 Other Shows That Went On Too Long."

"Given that the current season of Supernatural has the Winchester Boys facing down the Apocalypse, the culmination of every single storyline that's played out through five seasons of the show, it's a little surprising to hear creator Eric Kripke is reportedly "warming" to the idea of a sixth season. This is according to no less than Dawn Ostroff, President of Entertainment at The CW, who revealed this tidbit at the show's 100th Episode Party.

And while it would be nice for Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles to have one more year before they slowly fade onto the sci-fi convention autograph circuit, there's really no reason to continue the show beyond the five years that were originally planned."

The rest of the article is here

Strange to read this when the show is heading into Season 10, isn't it?  What do you think?

*Note: the site stopped operations in early 2012
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When trolls attack, many take it personally.  This article discusses a study of Internet trolls, and they're just as bad in real life as on the interwebs.  Please link anyone who has been badly hurt by trolls to this entry.


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