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For some reason, this video of young Marilyn Monroe posing for pin-ups seemed appropriate!

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I know there are communities where you can post any fanfic you want, any fandom.  Since my little corner of the world has (maybe) 200 fans tops, I'd like to post links to my SAM fics elsewhere.  I've tried searching LJ with a lot of different wordings.

Any other writers use other non-specific fan fiction communities?  Thanks!
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Here's hoping that 2017 isn't as sucktastic as 2016!

Happy New Year
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holiday love meme 2016
my thread here

I'm very late to the party, so I'm all the way at the end. I'll start at the beginning and work my way to the end, finding all my buds!
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All of your lovely birthday wishes warm my heart!  Because of the cruise we're not really celebrating my birthday. I'll meet Jeff for an early dinner out, and last night my mom took me out to a restaurant across the street.  So it's quite pleasant.

I'll write more about the cruise after I've downloaded the pics!


Supernatural boys dancing

House Wilson computer dance

Daryl Carl dancing
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For a few weeks now, I haven't received any email notifications of comments on my journal or anywhere else.  I went to settings and it's setup to do so.  Looking at my "comments" page I see lots of unanswered comments to earlier entries!

[ profile] hughville, thanks so much for your comments on "The Princess And The Peeved"!  If you've wondered why I haven't responded, that's why.

Anyone know how to fix this?
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For everyone having a tough time right now.  This video shows Spike Milligan, Peter Cook, the Goons, Laurel & Hardy and others!  Still photos but wonderful.

Music Meme

Oct. 28th, 2015 05:15 pm
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Gacked from [ profile] casey28

Put your playlist on "shuffle" and put the first ten songs here.  NO CHEATING!  When you've done that, tag friends.

1. Woke Up This Morning /Alabama 3
2. House Theme Song, European Version/ Youtube
3. Lightning Crashes/ Live
4. Sexyback/ Justin Timberlake
5. The World I Know/ Collective Soul
6. I Like The Way You Move/ Bodyrockers
7. Buddy Holly/ Weezer
8. December/ Collective Soul
9. Born This Way/ Lady Gaga
10. Vagabond Virgin/ Traffic

I tag [ profile] sassyjumper, [ profile] jezziejay, [ profile] petitecuriosity (if she's still around), [ profile] milly_gal,  and [ profile] dizzojay .


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