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All fics on this list are House/Wilson.

Lots of House and Wilson Goodness! )
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I'm playing some writing music, and the Massive Attack instrumental of "Teardrop" came up.  Now I feel so sad, missing "House", the discussions, the community.  It was such a difficult time in my life, and the House folks got me through it.

art by euclase

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There is a be a Ladies of SPN convention in Seattle in 2016!  Read more about it here

Please spread the word! It can also be live-streamed!
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Basking in the glow of SDCC!  I wasn't there, but kept up with the pictures, live-streamed Nerd HQ  (how funny was that unicorn??  If you haven't watched it, find the link!!!).  Jared and the Hall H AKF--BE STILL MY HEART-- the happiness and fun everyone great!!

Then, on the Social Media Site That Shall Not Be Named, I get on during a bout of insomnia.  Only to read a series of absolutely batshit stuff about one of the former guest stars deliberately stalking fans who don't like him/her and blocking them because they're bashing his/her character.  It was a huge clusterfuck.  I mean, I hope they were all kidding, because otherwise it is  Please be kidding.

House no

as [ profile] milly_gal would say, I SO NEED TO LEARN TO STAY AWAY FROM THERE.
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The amazing [ profile] cherie_morte created an amazing "love meme" so that members of LJ can express love and appreciation for each other.  Especially since Jared has been going through such a terrible time.  The outpouring of love and support is staggering and wonderful.

Show me the love!  Show others the love!!

love meme_zps6nyyti7e


full meme |

my thread

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It occurred to me the other day that if LJ went down, I would lose years of entries.  So I decided to make several Word docs.  The first one is "Personal", so far the second one is "Idle House entries".  Not the stories, which are all on my hard drive, but thoughts, arguments, etc.  I just came across a post done in 2010, "When Good Fandoms Go Bad."  It's f-locked because of the craziness back then, but I'll reprint a bit of it.  Because some things about fandom never change. ;):

Same As It Ever Was )
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When Jeremy Carver said that the 200th episode of "Supernatural" was a "love letter to the fans," groans could be heard throughout the land.  Then came the promo stills of a girls' high school.  High school girls doing a musical about "Supernatural".  One fan tweeted it beforehand with the hashtag #Atrocity.  The knives were sharpened and ready.

This was the Internet's response after seeing "Fan Fiction," written by Robbie Thompson and directed by Phil Scgriccia.

9x16 boys dancing

Carry On, My Wayward Winchester )
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I asked the wonderful writers out there in House fanfic land to pick their own favorite fics that they have written themselves.  All sorts of pairing and fics are here.  What wonderful authors, what great fics!!  LJ is freaking out at the length of this list, so this is Part One. Browse the list and enjoy!  This list is non-curated.

Fics for every taste! )


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