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Lots of fun stuff on this list: House's pissed-off right leg, dark!House, Chase/Foreman pre-slash, all kindsa fics.

Crack, epic storytelling, the works )
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All fics on this list are House/Wilson.

Lots of House and Wilson Goodness! )
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Cracky fics about two hot guys who kill monsters, and their friend the clueless angel. Lots of other characters but I've already got enough tags.

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I might be mistaken, but somehow, looking over my recent posts, it seems I haven't actually posted a link and description to my first Jeeves/Wooster post.  I posted it on AO3 on August 29.  Herewith, the info:

Fandom: Jeeves & Wooster
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3137
Characters/Pairing: Bertie Wooster/Reginald Jeeves
Genre: Humor, maybe Crack around the edges
Summary:Bertie makes a wager. And the word "balls" gets used a great deal.

The flat was dark and all was still. Even Jeeves, my man, would not be awake for another hour and a half at the earliest. As I moved about the silent sitting room, I thought I heard a small noise.
Thwick thwick thwick thwick
The young master stood, irresolute. What could possibly make such a strange noise? A tiny chorus of tap-dancing mice in teeny-tiny top hats?

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So, my fic has a tiny (but growing!) audience. I used to be frustrated about it, but accepted the reality: tiny audience, tiny comments. Also, I seem to be the only writer doing this. I wouldn't if I didn't keep compulsively coming up with stories. Believe me, if I could stop, I would stop.

However, sometimes the comments are so lovely they have brought me to tears. So I'm posting a few. Feel free to skip.  There's also a bunch on

Don't worry about not understanding what they're about.

ETA: If there seems to be a paucity of House stories, it's because all of the post-ep fics are in one place, and I removed "The Princess And The Peeved" from both sites.


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Our living room window fell out of the sill again last night while we were hosting our writer's group.  It's been stuffed back in, but it can't be opened and it feels like 100 degrees in here.  I've been sleeping on and off all damn day.

ANYWAY, I'm trying to find an artist willing to take a small commission for a piece of Swiss Army Man fan art.  I want an illustration for a story I'm writing.  Pleas on tumblr have yielded nothing.  I like more or less realistic art, and it doesn't have to be elaborate.  Anyone available?
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Fandom: Swiss Army Man
Genre: Fluff, smut
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1852
Late one night, Manny asks Hank to teach him how to masturbate. Despite the issues this brings up for Hank, he helps out his friend. When it's Hank's turn, he has a problem until Manny sings to him, "so you won't overthink things".

hank manny night

I don't know what masturbation is, or how it works. You don't masturbate, do you? )
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 photo 6f23d19f-e583-4368-8461-4769f070883c_zpsc55wo1ez.jpg

Fandom: Swiss Army Man
Characters: Hank, Manny
Pairing: Hank/Manny
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2654
Genre: Angst, fluff

Summary:  Manny understands Hank much better than Hank thinks.  This takes place after the events in "Adventures In Manny-Sitting"

The After Verse:

Dancing And Singing And Farting
Sex Lessons from "Sarah", Part One
Sex Lessons from "Sarah", Part Two
Sex Lessons from "Sarah", Part Three
Adventures In Manny-Sitting

Author's Note:  Many, many, many thanks to all of the people who've helped me explore gender issues, sharing their stories and opinions.
"I'm not retarded, Hank, I know you and Sarah are the same person." )


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