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I wrote 11 pages of SAM fanfic yesterday.  Whenever this obsession lifts, I will be grateful.  I'm also watching "The Practice" and "Boston Legal", the later on DVR so I'll pace myself.  However:
1) Our TV broke - getting a new one cost almost $400.
2) I discovered Fletcher has been peeing on a corner of a large rug.  We were going to get rid of it anyway, but JEEZ.  My dog walker came over, helped me roll it up and put in the room by the freight elevator.  The building guys are going to be so disgusted.
3) Jeff was informed at 1 pm Friday that his office would be moving to 64th Street over the weekend
4) Cleo is going to have to boarded (at $63 a night!) at the vet's because of her continuing medical problems. They're not dire, but we'll be in Dallas Wed-Sun and we can't leave her that long. The bill for the last visit was so large we almost maxed out our low-balance credit card.
5) We got a notice from New York State tax folks that we're getting audit. Apparently this is something they do at random, and we've been picked this year.
6) Speaking of my building guys, I asked one of them if I could leave my TV by the freight elevator. Then I cracked, "I'd like to toss it out the window and watch it smash on the sidewalk".  Big mistake: there were a lot of people in the lobby.  As I walked toward the elevator, I heard a guy say, "What was that?"
7) We're both being bombarded with "restricted" calls on our cells.  According to our service provider, we'd have to pay an additional $10/mo to have them blocked.   Grrrr
8) I want to watch "Okja" on Netflix.  It comes out today.  We don't have Netflix and can't afford it.
9) Time for another round of cancer doctors' appointments.  Bleagh.
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These were taken a couple of weeks ago.  The kitchen is in the back, with the torn up floor.  We had our fridge and everything else in our tiny dining room.  Pics under the cut.  With overhead lighting, you can't see Fletcher's face, dammit.

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We finally got a trainer for Fletcher!  So now starts the last part of housebreaking (augh) and a whole lot else (augh).  But we'll all be the better for it.

Also, I may have found a military expert, someone's uncle who is a professor.  I feel embarrased that he'll be reading fanfiction, told him to start at Chapter 90 and I'd explain anything he needed to know.

Here's Fletcher this afternoon:

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Does the LJ cut work for anyone else?  I'm having to do it manually.
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Fletcher is now eleven months old!   I can't believe we've had him for six months! He's still a neurotic mess a sweet, loveable dog who's insane with a few issues.  He is now at the gangly teenager stage.
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My last entry kept deleting the pictures whenever I tried to fool with the LJ-cuts, so here's a special picture post.  It may or may not be under a cut depending on the whim of this fucking system.
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My camera batteries died, and I suddenly realized I hadn't taken pictures of Fletcher in more than a month.

Here he is, relaxiing with his cone on a chair recently shipped from MIL.  Yes, he has managed to rip off most of the shrink wrap. That's a quilt we put on the seat to keep him from tearing that up as well.  He started chewing on the arms of the chair, but I sprayed them with bitter apple spray so they're safe for the time being.  Unlike everything else.

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The other day I had to go out from about 11 AM to 5 PM. Fletcher has been able to escape EVERYTHING I put him in.  First, he learned how to climb out of the puppy pen.  A friend gave me a proper crate with a top.  It has two latch closings.  News flash: it took one day for him to figure out how to pull the latches!  SO, yesterday when I closed the door, I latched the latches with metal clips so they wouldn't budge. THIS is what I came home to:
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Here's Fletcher discovering a kitten's favorite toy: a round ridged plastic circle with a ball too big to be removed.  It can be batted around and around.  It originally belonged to our cat Rupert, but Fletcher loves it. It's a rainy afternoon, what the heck.

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