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All of your lovely birthday wishes warm my heart!  Because of the cruise we're not really celebrating my birthday. I'll meet Jeff for an early dinner out, and last night my mom took me out to a restaurant across the street.  So it's quite pleasant.

I'll write more about the cruise after I've downloaded the pics!


Supernatural boys dancing

House Wilson computer dance

Daryl Carl dancing
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Not only is this a great new comm, the first author interview is with [ profile] blackmare!

Announcing a new House community focused on speculative fanfiction. The housemd_what_if comm grew out of the House What-If Rec List project and includes fic categories such as After Death/Afterlife, Creatures/Mythical Beings, Magical Realism, Science Fiction, Life-Altering Events (some sick!fic falls into this category), and many more.

To kick off the comm we have an author interview series and our first prompt table. We will be posting the author interviews periodically so you have a chance to interact with each author in the comments section. We hope you also get inspired to create and post fic, fanart, icons and/or vids in the "what-if" genre. See you there!

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For everyone having a tough time right now.  This video shows Spike Milligan, Peter Cook, the Goons, Laurel & Hardy and others!  Still photos but wonderful.

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Courtesy of [ profile] rsl_fans, this is an article that was posted in a NJ paper about RSL moving back to his hometown and being back in the theater!

FYI, there's no photograph.  Dang.  Instead, here's a Twitter pic from December!  RSL on the subway.  I swear, if I see him I will pass out.

This is also courtesy of [ profile] rsl_fans.  They work HARD over there!!

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This is a simply incredible marching band!  I can only provide a link to this year's "Sled Zeppelin's" "Snack Nog" but it is hilarious!  And apparently a real bitch to play.

Also, from 2012, the Whale Band playing a "Gangham Style" parody.  It's about 1:40 into the video.  The first part is traditional carols.

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This is a really great interview with Lisa Edelstein.  Seriously, the things the actors say after the non-disclosure agreements are always the best!

TVLINE | Is any part of you bummed that House and Cuddy didn’t ride off into the sunset together?
I don’t think that show was about happy endings. And the truth is, if someone drives a car through your living room you should do what I did and get the f–k out of town. [Laughs] I mean come on. It kind of all worked out. Let’s tell it like it is. He drove a f–king car through her living room. With the baby and family inside. That’s crazy. You file a police report and you leave — and you don’t come back for the f–king [series] finale. [Laughs]

Great interview about many things:

TV Line
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[ profile] ash48 and I had a conversation about clumsy Jared Padalecki is, and all of his stage mishaps. I urged her to make a video, and she made a GREAT VIDEO.

What makes it even more special is that she dedicated to me!!  (I'm @madfashionista on Twitter.)  What most people don't know is that her videos helped get me through being hospitalized in the Roosevelt Hospital psychiatric ward over the Christmas holidays.  Is there anything better than a "Happy Holidays!" paper placement on your breakfast tray on New Year's Day? Um, yeah. Most things, in fact.

I visualized two of her videos whenever an obsessive unhappy song started running through my head.  One was "Supernatural Dance Freaks" and the other was "Born This Way/Happy".

So, SQUEE! I've been crying all afternoon! Thank you, dear friend.

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On October 9th, The Walking Dead is hosting a premier at Madison Square Garden here in NYC. They had an online sweepstakes with a weekly drawing, and I WON! It's me and a guest. There are thousands of tickets being given away. I have no doubt we'll be sitting up in the nosebleeds, but we'll be able to see the screen! Afterwards there is a panel!!

Happy Dance gif

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Hi, we flew back from London via Heathrow and got in middle of the night Sunday/Monday.  I'm not that coherent yet.  I plowed through one week's worth of LJ and had to stop...gaaah.  So much to read, look at, think about...

[ profile] flywoman is the true star of this post!  She not only gave me packing tips, for my birthday she gave me Rick Steves Guides to London and Paris, which were our Bibles!  I'm too tired to even begin to tell you how necessary they were.

So yesterday we both sat around in a daze and did nothing.  No, that's not right, I did nothing.  Jeff did his laundry and went food shopping and made dinner.  While he did that, I watched Supernatural "Paper Moon" and two episodes of "The Walking Dead".  I will watch them over again because why the hell not my brain was too fried to take much in except how funny it was to see Sam and Dean in matching cheap drugstore sunglasses.

Thank you for the birthday wishes!  It was indeed sublime.  Most of the trip was fantastic.  We walked miles every day, ate food that ranged from the great to the "what the fuck is that on my plate?"  Off to feed the cats.  We delayed having Fletcher back by a day because we need the peace and quiet.

Later, my lovelies!

P.S. I had this icon before I left, so there.


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