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Five years after its series finale, the family behind what was once the most popular show in the world share their adoration for Hugh Laurie, the show’s one regret, and the storyline for the ninth season that never was.

And now we know that the lost Doris Egan episode WAS shot and discarded!  Motherfuckers.

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This is a really great interview with Lisa Edelstein.  Seriously, the things the actors say after the non-disclosure agreements are always the best!

TVLINE | Is any part of you bummed that House and Cuddy didn’t ride off into the sunset together?
I don’t think that show was about happy endings. And the truth is, if someone drives a car through your living room you should do what I did and get the f–k out of town. [Laughs] I mean come on. It kind of all worked out. Let’s tell it like it is. He drove a f–king car through her living room. With the baby and family inside. That’s crazy. You file a police report and you leave — and you don’t come back for the f–king [series] finale. [Laughs]

Great interview about many things:

TV Line
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While watching  "Now What", I felt, as I did last season, that a few things that changed about Lisa Edelstein's appearance, and not just that she has lost weight.  Her face is less mobile, although not as frozen as most actresses.  But somewhat.

Here's a picture of LE during Season Two:

And here's LE last week:

Even after you factor in the differences in lighting, weight loss, and hair, there seems to be a difference.  The strange thing is, in  "Now What?", LE is photographed almost exclusively from this side (after plowing through screencaps to find two pics roughly the same).  Also, in S2, her brow furrows much more than today, and the lines between her eyes are deeper.  To her credit, she has kept the lines between the eyes, albeit softer, and the lines around her mouth, also softer.

If she was aging naturally, the lines around the mouth would be more pronounced, the upper lids droopier not tighter, and the undereye bags the same size or larger.  And her neck would have started to soften.

My guess is a browlift, facial fillers, collagen injections to the mouth, an eyejob, and possibly some Botox.  And yes, she has to look beautiful and I'm not suggesting anything that other actresses don't do. 


ETA: I am seriously getting my ass kicked by furious teenagers over at [ profile] cuddelstein .  Posting there was NOT a good idea!  I don't mind what they're saying, but I hate the emails popping up in my inbox!
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Associated Press: Several major publishing houses have announced the publication of unauthorized biographies of many of the stars of the television show  "House".

Hugh Laurie “Behind Blue Eyes: The Limping Psyche”

"The Secret Robert Sean Leonard: Pie-Eating L.A. Lover"

Jennifer Morrison “Actress, Interrupted”

“Jesse Spencer: The Hidden Torment Behind the Beauty, Talent and That Funny Accent”

Olivia Wilde “The Princess Bride”

"Lisa Edelstein: The Actress, The Woman, The (ugh) Vegan"

"Who Killed Evil Nurse Brenda? And Other House Mysteries."

"Bobbin Bergstrom, Mystery Woman"

And two authorized biographies:

“See, Dad? I COULD Make It In This Business” the autobiography of Peter Jacobson

"Omar Epps: Rapper, Actor, Athlete, Demigod”

(if you believe this, there is something seriously wrong with your IQ)
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Like Dr. Cuddy, I love my breasts.  I love low-cut tops, although I don't have the figure to pull off her more daring looks.  I love her wardrobe...I want her wardrobe in my size.  Going through screencaps to find an avatar, I kept seeing things I craved.  Even if everything she wears is two sizes too small.  Nothing wrong with that, except one day a button is going to pop off her suit jacket and hit House in the eye.
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First, I got a gorgeous tweed skirt, flared at the bottom, with a thin blue ribbon above the flair.  SEX-AY!

Today I got an AMAZING vintage evening dress with a big portrait collar, cleavage for days, rhinestone buttons and a long skirt.  (Well, Cuddy would like the cleavage, but the fact that it fits...well, she'd have it taken in so it was too sizes too small.  How that woman breathes is beyond me.)
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That's all I have to say.  I hate vegan food.  But how else am I going to get to Cuddy awesomeness?  Right now I look like the female version of  "Dr. Buffer."


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