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So, my fic has a tiny (but growing!) audience. I used to be frustrated about it, but accepted the reality: tiny audience, tiny comments. Also, I seem to be the only writer doing this. I wouldn't if I didn't keep compulsively coming up with stories. Believe me, if I could stop, I would stop.

However, sometimes the comments are so lovely they have brought me to tears. So I'm posting a few. Feel free to skip.  There's also a bunch on

Don't worry about not understanding what they're about.

ETA: If there seems to be a paucity of House stories, it's because all of the post-ep fics are in one place, and I removed "The Princess And The Peeved" from both sites.


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My SAM stories have been racking up a decent amount of hits on AO3. The first one, "Dancing And Singing and Farting," will crack 400 in the next day or so.  Not a lot for most fanfic, but I'm very pleased.  There have been a few (very few) reviews, so it was a tremendous pleasure last night when someone reviewed each fic separately, and left this on the last one:

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I've certainly bitched about reactions to my fanfic over the years, being unappreciated, etc.  But at least there were fan communities to get involved in.

As you can see, I've been compulsively writing fanfiction for the movie "Swiss Army Man".  There are a lot of people who adore the movie, but no fandom, per se.  So it's like writing into a void.  I keep wanting to write stories, 'cause that's how my obsessions work.  But writing stories virtually no one reads is so depressing.  Yes, writing them gives me pleasure, but anybody who knows me knows I need attention.  In fact, I'm an attention-whore.  So I walk around with my feelings hurt by nobody in particular.  In fact, writing this makes me want to cry. I'm writing this here rather than on LJ because I need to get it out of my system--or express it, anyway--and everyone there has probably had WAY too much of my whining.

I wish I knew how to stop.
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I usually refrain for posting anything political.  I wasn't too bothered by Trump's win yesterday, because I knew he would.  Even though I hate him with the passion of the thousand brushfires.  But by far the best thing to come out of it was asshole NJ governor Chris Christie.  He dropped out of the race, and then endorsed Trump.  Last night, instead of a rally, Donald held a press conference, with Christie standing behind him.  Christie's face stole the media!

From The Daily Show:


The others won't embed because they're MP4 files, but dear God, they're priceless!  One has Christie listening to Trump and vigorously shaking his head and mouthing "No!".  Heh.

It takes so little to make me happy, sometimes.


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