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If Jeff saw how many pictures of Paul Dano I have in my photo folders, he would faint.  Thanks to tumblr and several of us having a competition to see who can find the most obscure photos, I have a terrifying amount.  So I'm sticking some of them here, look or not if you want.  As Kate McKinnon said at the Independent Spirit Awards, "I wanna kiss Paul Dano!  Where is that hunky, sad-eyed sex machine?"  [ profile] hughville will particularly get why I like him!

I'm not obsessed... )
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This is for [ profile] milly_gal. It's only fair I pay her back for her picspams!  And [ profile] jessm78, who loves the wonder that is the Padahair.  And all the Jared girls out there!

Jared con 7More gorgeousness )
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Wait until he finds out who they are shipping him with!!

Kadar slash fiction copy
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This guy is truly fed up!!

Longhair guy copy

Sorry for the graininess--I was working from a TINY picture!
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There was something weirdly James Bond about this pose...

Roger Kadar copy
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Sam is so over being tied to a chair...

Supernatural-Season-8-Episode-18-Freaks-and-Geeks-04 copy


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