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All fics on this list are House/Wilson.

Lots of House and Wilson Goodness! )
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I found this over at [ profile] house_wilson and figured I'd better put it over here as well.  Season 8 Post-ep fic, rated R.

Summary: What happened when House showed Wilson his birthmark.

“House, why did you fake that birthmark?” Wilson said, lightly caressing House’s shoulder.  They were laying in bed, the early morning sun filtering through the closed curtains.  “What possible reason could you have had?”

“I wanted to know what the jackass really thought,” House answered.  His voice had a hint of anger in it.  “Calling me a pill-popping sociopath, and then embracing me as his son?  What an asshole.  And why was my mom faking all that hippie-shit crap?  She goes to one peace rally and suddenly she’s Hanoi Jane.  She was June Cleaver, give me a break.”

“Then why didn’t you want to see her?” Wilson was genuinely perplexed.  “You always said she loved you unconditionally.”

“Not unconditionally enough to pretend Dad—excuse me, my not-Dad—from doing his Great Santini routine on me.  If it happened now, somebody would have called Child Services.  Especially her.”

“She didn’t know any better, House.”

“Yeah, yeah.  Ward Cleaver could have been buggering Beaver for all we know.” House shrugged.  “I told that Scottish jerk off that I respected my father.  The look on his face…” He rolled over so that he faced Wilson.  “Thanks for not blowing my cover.”

“Thanks for not using indelible ink.  Have you ever tasted that stuff?”

House raised an eyebrow, pretending to be offended.  “Have you ever tasted that stuff?”

“We all have our secret past, House, even if it is fake.” Wilson lifted the blanket. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get the rest of that red-colored Karo syrup off.”

“Be my guest.” House grinned as Wilson dove under the covers.  Now this was unconditional love.
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Genre: humor
Rating: R for language
Disclaimer: Hell to the No.
Summary:  What happened during House and Wilson's road trip.

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A little bit of silliness. 
Spoilers for "Post-Mortem," but that's obvious, isn't it?
Disclaimer: David Shore has no right to these characters.
Rating: PG

The inside of the car smelled like Doritos )

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A ficlet post- "Gut Check."
Probably R, definitely perverted.

Be careful what you wish for... )

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Genre: post-ep
Rating: R
Warning:  TOTAL SPOILERS for 8x14!  Read at your own risk!
First posted at [ profile] house_wilson

What happened when Wilson talked it over with House )
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Genre: smut
Word count: 623
Rating: R
Spoilers for this episode

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Genre: crack
Words: 467
Rating: PG
Summary: What happened when House bailed on clinic duty.

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Genre: crack
Rating: PG for language
Author's note: my own little fantasy of what happened when House got back from Atlantic City.

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