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Characters: Jodie, Donna
Rating: G
Challenge/Prompt: spn_bigpretzel DEW: Jodie + Jobs and Work
Word Count: 100
Summary:  Dialogue fic
Author's note:  I so wanted to have a title based on "It's Hard Out There For A Pimp".  Dang!!


“Jodes, we gotta a situation on our hands.”

"...which one?”

“Both. They’ve been carryin’ on like wet cats for the last hour. Ya gotta do somethin’ for me.”

“Donna, I’m on the job. I can’t take a break.”


“All right, what?”

“You gotta get to Hot Topical and get a Rhianna t-shirt. Alex wore Claire’s t-shirt, went out with that guy in her science class and now it’s all muddy.”


“I’m too busy trying to get the story outta Alex and keepin’ Claire from killin’ her, Jodes.”

“Okay, Donna.”

“You’re an angel.”

Don’t call me that!

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This is a little ficlet from a picture prompt at [ profile] house_memories for the House Community Fest.

House slid onto the stool on the outside of the kitchen island. Wilson’s hair was mussed, a cloth thrown over his shoulder. He was wearing an apron that said GO AWAY I’M COOKING in big black letters. He bustled between the island and the stove.  Baking sheets on the kitchen side of the island held perfectly placed little beige disks.

“Nice looking cookies,” House said, reaching out toward a baking sheet. To his amazement, Wilson slapped his hand away.

Wilson’s voice went up an octave. “Ah-ah! It takes over two hours to make macarons. And don’t touch that jar. It’s French artisanal marmalade.”

“Artisanal marmalade? Just how gay are you, Wilson?” House again reached toward the baking sheet, again got his hand slapped.

“Gay enough for you,” Wilson muttered. “House, these macarons are for the oncology department office party tomorrow.”



“—with artisanal marmalade? Why don’t you do what everyone else does and get a cake at the supermarket?” House leaned forward and peered at the little round discs. “Can I lick the bowl?”

“I washed it.” Wilson stepped back from the counter, hands on his hips.

“Of course you did. Jesus, you’re no fun at all.” His hand darted out and grabbed one of the discs. Wilson cried out as House popped it into his mouth. He chewed, then made a face.

“It’s not a cookie,” he said, mouth full.

“I told you, House, it’s a macaron! They’re French and you make them with whipped egg whites. Like meringue, but a cookie—“

“Ah-HA! You called it a cookie!”

“Dammit!” Wilson buried his face in his hands.

House snatched another one. “For a cookie, it’s not bad.”

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What'd I Say
Word Count: 1275
Genre: Fluff
Rating: G, believe it or not
Characters: House, Wilson, OCs
Time: Night, wintertime, some point during their epic journey.  Wilson is cancer-free.

This story has been in my head for weeks, so I thought I'd write it.  I'm a little H/W rusty, so forgive any OOC-ness.

House is giving Wilson piano lessons )

The song itself )
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Gen: drabble
Word count: 100
Rating: G

This is written for [ profile] spn_bigpretzel's weekly weekend drabble fest

As soon as Sal Moriarty, Baby’s first owner, got behind the wheel, she knew she was in trouble. Dean and Sam dropped food crumbs and the occasional beer can. But Dean loved her, keeping her interior spotless. Sal was an alcoholic who left fast food wax paper, dirty clothes, and liquor bottles everywhere. Baby was afraid he would drive her into another car since he was drunk. There was the clinking of gin bottles when she drove over rough roads. And that Bible stuff...hypocrite. When Sal died, she was relieved when the receivers towed her to the used car lot.

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Title: Baby's Diary
Rating: G
Genre: Gen
Characters: The Impala's POV, Sam, Dean, John, Mary
Word Count: Don't know, but on the short side.

Not a fan of Sam's farting )
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Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Disclaimers: Fuck no, why bother?

This is a drabble written for Day 1 of the spn_bigpretzel "12 Days of Christmas" Challenge.

Read more... )

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I went over to Drabble-o-Matic, and tried to put as many obscure and/or not-dirty words in as I could.  I DO NOT ship Sam and Cas, but this came out less like something funny and more like bad fanfic then I intended.  So I figured, what the hell, stick in my journal.

Don't blame me )
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Rating: G
Characters: Sam, OC
Summary: Sometimes you need someone to talk to.
Written for [ profile] spn_bigpretzel's Year One Par-tay Challenge
Prompts: #1  Cramped, road game
#3 Cursed, thrown into a wall, strangled, knocked out

"Sometimes my brother gets cursed and I have to hide in the bathroom." )

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The lovely[ profile] lolaann1  won 5 drabbles written by yours truly in the Hurricane Sandy Relief Auction.  These are five connected drabbles, all about Christmas.

Christmas Eve )



Christmas Presents )


Christmas Presents 2 )

Christmas Dinner )


After Christmas Dinner )


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