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Fandom: Swiss Army Man
Characters, Pairing: Hank, Manny
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2641

Summary:  Winter is coming.  It's time for Hank and Manny to leave the woods.  Fortunately, Hank has picked an empty beach house, with a special surprise for Manny.

Hank And Manny's Excellent Adventure, Part One

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Genre: gen
Rating: PG for language
Characters: Dean, Sam, OMC
Word Count: 1058
Prompt from mamapranayama: As part of the great prank wars, Dean replaces every stitch of Sam's clothes with women's clothing. But that's only how it ends, the real story is how Dean managed to face the embarrassment of buying women's clothing in Sam's size, including the high-heels and frilly lingerie all for the sake of a great prank.

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Show: Supernatural
Genre: crack
Word count: 574
Rating: PG for language
Summary:  There are some things even scarier than clowns.
Written for s[ profile] spn_bigpretzel Phobia Week"

There really are scarier things than clowns... )
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Rating: PG
Author: [ profile] cuddyclothes
Disclaimer: I don't do disclaimers.
Genre: Crack
Wordcount: 600
Characters: Dean, Sam

A/N My first "Supernatural" fic. Be kind. Written for Cursed!Week at [ profile] spn_bigpretzel

Don't Piss Off The Wrong Greek God. )
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A little bit of silliness. 
Spoilers for "Post-Mortem," but that's obvious, isn't it?
Disclaimer: David Shore has no right to these characters.
Rating: PG

The inside of the car smelled like Doritos )


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