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If you feel like discussing last night's episode, we are doing so at one of the only LJ comms devoted to The Walking Dead, [ profile] walkingdead_tv
here's the link.

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Hi, gang -

If you want to discuss last night's Walking Dead "The Cell" and naked!Darryl come over to [ profile] walkingdead_tv.

Here's the link:

Hope to see you there!!
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This is a really great interview with Lisa Edelstein.  Seriously, the things the actors say after the non-disclosure agreements are always the best!

TVLINE | Is any part of you bummed that House and Cuddy didn’t ride off into the sunset together?
I don’t think that show was about happy endings. And the truth is, if someone drives a car through your living room you should do what I did and get the f–k out of town. [Laughs] I mean come on. It kind of all worked out. Let’s tell it like it is. He drove a f–king car through her living room. With the baby and family inside. That’s crazy. You file a police report and you leave — and you don’t come back for the f–king [series] finale. [Laughs]

Great interview about many things:

TV Line
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I just published your wonderful DVD "commentary" with  "David Shore" and  "Greg Yaitanes" on my blog,  "Diary of a Mad Fashionista.' For anyone who hasn't read it, please go here:

Diary of A Mad Fashionista

After the furor of my previous entry, I thought it would be nice to put in some fun.  Again, thank you for a piece of comic genius, [ profile] barefootpuddles !!

Now go read it.  NOW.  Don't make me come over there.
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I was so infuriated by some of the issues raised in 7x23 that I wrote an entry in my blog,  "Does the House Season 7 finale endorse domestic violence?"

The Mad Fashionista is not me.  She is an alter ego who doesn't swear, uses stylized language, and generally cares little about anything but fashion.  It has been a very popular blog, although since this year has been beating me to a pulp I haven't been doing enough with it.

The comments have been interesting.  Generally when I post strong opinions I get a certain amount of nasty comments, and I decided to print them this time, because in this issue I believe everyone has a say.  If I hadn't been so enraged I would have pointed out in more detail how mysogynistic (sp) the show has become, but this entry is for a general audience.  I posted links to it on Twitter and it will come up on my Facebook page, so I thought I'd toss out the link here.

Please note: I am highly aware that many people have experienced terrible domestic abuse, so don't read this if you think it might trigger you.  I make no pretense of equating that aspect of life with the show.
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This is a fic that I first posted in December, that seems very apt for today.

Warning: Death fic (no major characters), violence, dark!House 
Rating: R
Word Count:  978
A/N:  This is a very dark fic.  Even if it freaks you out (esp. if it freaks you out) leave a comment!
Partly inspired by [info]chocolatefrapp 's "Invasion Of The Cuddy Snatchers" and [info]yarroway 's "Bizarro or The Real Deal"

Katie Jacobs strolled down the fluorescent lit corridors of the production offices of ‘House M.D.’ She pondered the lowering ratings of the show. House and Cuddy had been a sure thingRead more... )
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As a courtesy, I am again letting this space be taken over by a guest writer.  He uses rude language, so beware.




No, we’re not talking about the story, the angst, the script, whatever.



Read more... )
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Genre: slashy fluff
Rating: R
A short ficlet that takes place after  "The Fix."


What happened when Wilson went to House's apartment )



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