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So, once again, I’m tempted to write in another fandom. Over the years I’ve written fanfic for “Supernatural”, “House MD”, “Swiss Army Man” and on, a challenge, for “Dragnet”. It will take a long time to get the image of a naked Joe Friday out of my mind. Be careful of the writing challenges you accept.

Over the years, fanfic has proven the easiest thing to write. There are few expectations, no deadlines, no exposure to the wider world. The fandom applauds my stories and compliments my talent. It’s like giving candy to a baby. I’m a very good writer and I write easily in the voice of others. After all, I’ve been a playwright/monologuist for years.

I wrote my first Jeeves/Wooster fic, “Hard Boiled Eggs” and I’ve been on a reading binge for at least a week. A large part of the latter activity is that Mom's doing badly and I need to hide from that and from the state of the world in general. So I plunge into the world of fanfiction, Archive of Our Own, for hours on end.

But is all of my time to be taken up writing fanfic? I’m not young anymore. I should be turning my thoughts to a memoir, and essays. I have many ideas. I’ve written about mental illness. Right now I’m writing a piece about going insane. Going insane is definitely one of my strongest skill sets. I’m considering writing about handling a gun while I was in Memphis and how I really wanted to buy it. Even though I’m pro-gun control and a New Yorker to boot. I should finish a long piece I’ve been writing about my father’s death. Or the time a SWAT team showed up on my doorstep and took me to the psych ward. (Turns out it was a false alarm–someone called in to 911 deliberately. I never found out who it was.) I managed to write about being deported from England, in “A Basket Full of Cats”.  Here
I should finish the enormous historical fantasy novel "The Princess and The Peeved" that I’ve worked on in spurts since 2009. I've finished reading Part 1 to my writing group. They shower me with applause and compliments.  I should promote the anthology of my plays, “Cervix With A Smile”, that Exit Press published over a year ago. I should try to perform more than twice a year.
 Part of me just wants to write about the unexpected consequences of when Bertie convinces Jeeves to be Fred Astaire to Bertie’s Ginger Rogers.
 If I was younger I wouldn’t be quite so conflicted. Oh, wait, I’m always so conflicted.

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LJ isn't correcting my spelling in visual editor!  If I flip it to HTML, I can see the misspellings.  This only started recently.  When I type anywhere else in LJ--another comm, comments--the misspellings show up.

Is there a setting I'm missing? Does anyone else have this problem?

ETA:  LJ reports it as a known problem.  Jesus Christ.


Nov. 13th, 2014 01:58 pm
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I am SWAMPED SWAMPED SWAMPED due to the upcoming release of my novel, THE ABORTIONIST'S DAUGHTER!  A number of nice reviews have come out, but the book itself isn't put together completely, my pre-order on my website doesn't work, I haven't even BEGUN the work for Ingram...

Kill me now.

On the other hand, I loved Supernatural's 200th episode and last week's Walking Dead.  Eugene is my spirit animal.
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On the top line, one of the subject boxes contains posts from people I'm not friends with (but might have looked at their blog), communities I don't know, and other barely-related people and places I know nothing about.  I don't know if their entries are friends-locked or not. Today there were 54 posts, a number of them personal journals.  The strangest thing is that none of my actual comms or friends posts are listed!

This bothers me a lot.  It seems like one more invasion of privacy.  I don't like to think of my pages randomly showing up on other people's LJs.
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Misha Collins, during a Q&A session at a recent SPN convention, talks about the sexism and bias against women in the show.  Yet another reason to love this man.

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The past week's news has been almost unbearable, and I'm watching from a safe distance.  Living in New York City, you get used to the existential concept of having a huge target over your head.  But then there's that hideous incident in Boston (which I could not stop watching on the news).  Then the poison-laced letters sent to officials.  Then the Texas plant explosion.  Officials from the plant had repeatedly said it was perfectly safe, and that if anything went wrong, there would be some harmless gas let out.  Oops.

And today I wake up to the news that those gutless assholes in the Senate blocked the gun bill...background checks?  You have a problem with goddamn BACKGROUND checks?  I'm not going to change your mind if you're reading this, so don't argue with me, okay?  Read Gabrielle Giffords's op-ed in The New York Times.  Nothing says "expert" like being shot in the head at close range by a total stranger.

Maybe you think I'm a gutless liberal.  But I don't kill people.  I don't make IEDs and plant them in large crowds.  Right now I can't get behind the idea of "healing."  This week, every time Americans try, the scab gets pulled off again.
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Taxi Driver copy

I was digging Jeremy Carver taking over as showrunner, until this episode.
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I mean, I really hate this new version.  I hate not having the option of switching back to the older version.  I'm a paying customer!  Site owners tend to forget that many LJ users are PAYING FOR THIS SHIT.  They figure they have us over a barrel, so no matter how much we complain...

I am so pissed.  Not a great way to start the morning.


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