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I really needed a laugh today.  This video never fails to crack me up. Much better than the original song!

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Blood, gore, and a British comedy legend! What more can you ask for?

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During this terrible time, watch this video! It's a brilliant mashup of old movie dancers to 'Uptown Funk'. Includes Eleanor Powell, the Nicholas Brothers, and many more!!

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Whatever other feelings (or lack thereof) I have about this season ender, this is a great video. The vocal is Ruth, Brianna and Emily!!!  It beautifully captures the bravery of the guys and acknowledging their history without going for pathos or nobility. Much, much better than the show itself.

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I worship at the altar of Spike Milligan. He and Peter Cook are my two comedy GODS.

This is an extremely silly sketched called "Pakistani Dalek". I can't see anything that makes it Pakistani except "Put it in the curry!". Snort.

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[ profile] jj1564 said she couldn't find any vids of Prince singing this song.

Here are two live videos. It's too bad the better version is shot from far away. What's tragic is that it was just a few weeks ago, in March...

Video removed

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Before they get pulled off Youtube, I wanted to share a bunch of my favorite Prince videos and songs.

This first one is from the MTV Music Video Awards. "Gett Off" is one of the sexiest shows EVER. Prince is wearing his famous ass-less costume.

This next one is the entire 2007 NFL Halftime Show! It was pouring rain, a real thunderstorm. Prince didn't let it stop him from giving an amazing performance. The NFL showed a little bit the night he died. They were terrified that he was working with electric instruments. Also that he would slip and fall.

At the end he sings "Purple Rain" standing in drenching rain.  There are no words.

The original video for "Kiss" got pulled.  So here he is in 2003 performing on the Ellen show.  The quality is shitty at first but then it kicks in.  Prince pulled members of the audience on the stage to dance!  Definitely worth watching.

The next two are the original video and a muted lyric video for "Rasberry Beret".  The lyrics are about losing his virginity in a barn.  The video isn't quite synced right to the music video. I paused it several times to get it more or less right.  Also, the song proper doesn't start for a while, whereas the lyric video jumps right in.

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This woman makes some of my favorite Walking Dead videos!


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