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SO, back in the 90s a book I wrote, “The Devil You Say”, was published by Avon as the start of a comic fantasy series.  It was a P.G. Wodehouse pastiche, more specifically, the Bertie/Jeeves stories.  The leads are Aubrey Arbuthnot, a perennially penniless English psychic detective, and his stoic manservant, Hornchurch.  The story involved a Book of Shadows, vengeful witches and Satan. Along with water spirit trapped in a water closet.  It was voted “Best First Novel” by several science fiction publications.

The next one I wrote was a prequel, “Strong Spirits”. It detailed how Aubrey discovered his psychic powers and met Hornchurch. And also worked his first case while being haunted by his father.  It got even better reviews.

I wrote an outline for the next book, “Bloodsuckers of 1933″, where Aubrey goes to Hollywood to consult on the first horror musical.  But then my editor was fired, so the series was abandoned.  The Aubrey books have such convoluted plots and are so labor-intensive I abandoned it and moved on to other projects.

There is a small, devoted audience who have asked when I was going to write another Aubrey book.  In the meantime, the books have gone out of print.  Nowadays, Kindle makes it easy to slap a book up online, which I’ve already done with some success.  This necessitated typing a new manuscript.

In the intervening years, I became a fangirl.  For years it was “House”.  House and Wilson are still my OTP.  I was introduced to the wonderful world of slash. Including looking at work through slash goggles.

When I wrote “Strong Spirits” I was unaware of slash. But in typing the manuscript, I can’t help viewing it through slash goggles and OMG! I’m shipping Aubrey and Hornchurch!  It’s making me really uncomfortable. 

One good thing: if people write slash fiction about them, I’ll get to read it.
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Ok, continuing my Swiss Army Man discussions.  Comments will be screened.

So, Hank (in his mind) became Sarah, and then completely freaks out.  Now he's hopelessly confused. How can he believe he is a woman?  He defines himself as a straight male, and feels tremendous shame.  I'm going forward with the stories, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how Hank feels about all of this.  He's not just going to say, "oh, sometimes I forget who I am and I'm a woman during those times and it's cool".  When I've done male drag I've always been conscious of myself as a female. It's a persona, not a person.

Has anyone dealt with those issues, or known someone who has? I really need help with this.

ALSO: the question of virginity. Is it always having penetrative sex with a woman?  I'm hetero so that's always been the definition I've known.  What is it for gay men?  What defines virginity/no longer a virgin?
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At some point in the future I will write a proper response to the finale.  But it was a steaming turd. After last week's lame-o shitstorm I was dreading this.  Thanks for proving me right, guys.

Homeless fapping

There were some epic stand-alones, but half the time it felt like they were phoning it in on every level.  I'm not going to say the show should be cancelled because that would cause many people to lose their jobs.

But I'm cancelling my membership.
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When star Jensen Ackles directs an episode, fans go into a frenzy of anticipation.  "Weekend At Bobby's" was one of the best episodes of the sixth season.  However, what's a director to do when he's working with a script written by Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner?  The show might as well tied a rock around Ackles's neck and tossed him into the bay.  The episode is well done and there are some nice moments, but you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's anus.

In which Jensen pranks Misha. It's the only explanation. )

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The unthinkable happened...

I deleted Supernatural Season 11 episodes 1 and 2 off my DVR.  It's still set to record but if this week's episode is as barforious as the last one, I'm probably getting off the train after Episode 4.  Although Jared Padalecki, I can't quit you.  So I'll still be following the show, and especially the boys and others.  And all of the fun comms and my great friends.  But I don't know if I can keep watching.

Jared con 7
This is what a Twitter feed was meant for...

Jared Padalecki gives me life

But as for the show itself...

 photo Fuck this_zpsu56fewns.gif
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So, I've been playing with the names in TP&TP.  The beginning is now incredibly weird.

“It’s almost ready, House. If you have to pee, go to the bathroom and wash your hands.”

“What, and wash the off delicious smell of my penis?”

“Thanks for the TMI.”

Joseph House lay on Peter Wilson’s couch, listening to the sizzling sound of cooking bacon.


Also, Joseph is a sucky name.  I was going to go with Benedict but didn't for obvious reasons.
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I've enjoyed doing the "Supernatural" reviews. But recently the show hasn't inspired me. It's fun and all, but I don't have much to say right now. I loved this past week's episode, Sam saved the day, Sam was smart!Sam, and his hair looked like shit. Pigging Out!Dean was fun, Pervy!Dean ogling girls half his age was not. Cute conceit. That's all I got.

So until an episode really grabs me or makes me stabby, I won't be doing reviews.


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