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All fics on this list are House/Wilson.

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To cope with the hideousness of the world, I started reading Jeeves/Wooster stories. I am hooked.

So, knocking out 'Jeeves And The Hardboiled Eggs' was a lot of fun, so I thought I'd start another story with the premise: Bertie is bisexual and is having a casual affair with a chorus girl. Hadn't thought much beyond that.

Then, the evil thing starts GROWING. What if Jeeves has taken a vow of celibacy? Maybe bunging Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers into it would be fun. What if Bertie discovers the theater is the perfect hiding in plain sight place for inverts?


At present I have almost 30 pages of partial scenes, each one divide, and more needing to be written. I'm not going to post anything until most of it is done. I've ran into so many WIPs in this fandom I'm ready to deck somebody. It's harder to tell on LJ than A03 when something is finished or not.

Fic rec: There Are No Winners In War, by BaBaLooBlue. A fantastic "missing scenes" story about the trip back from House's father's funeral. Beautifully written and no woobieness in sight.

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So, once again, I’m tempted to write in another fandom. Over the years I’ve written fanfic for “Supernatural”, “House MD”, “Swiss Army Man” and on, a challenge, for “Dragnet”. It will take a long time to get the image of a naked Joe Friday out of my mind. Be careful of the writing challenges you accept.

Over the years, fanfic has proven the easiest thing to write. There are few expectations, no deadlines, no exposure to the wider world. The fandom applauds my stories and compliments my talent. It’s like giving candy to a baby. I’m a very good writer and I write easily in the voice of others. After all, I’ve been a playwright/monologuist for years.

I wrote my first Jeeves/Wooster fic, “Hard Boiled Eggs” and I’ve been on a reading binge for at least a week. A large part of the latter activity is that Mom's doing badly and I need to hide from that and from the state of the world in general. So I plunge into the world of fanfiction, Archive of Our Own, for hours on end.

But is all of my time to be taken up writing fanfic? I’m not young anymore. I should be turning my thoughts to a memoir, and essays. I have many ideas. I’ve written about mental illness. Right now I’m writing a piece about going insane. Going insane is definitely one of my strongest skill sets. I’m considering writing about handling a gun while I was in Memphis and how I really wanted to buy it. Even though I’m pro-gun control and a New Yorker to boot. I should finish a long piece I’ve been writing about my father’s death. Or the time a SWAT team showed up on my doorstep and took me to the psych ward. (Turns out it was a false alarm–someone called in to 911 deliberately. I never found out who it was.) I managed to write about being deported from England, in “A Basket Full of Cats”.  Here
I should finish the enormous historical fantasy novel "The Princess and The Peeved" that I’ve worked on in spurts since 2009. I've finished reading Part 1 to my writing group. They shower me with applause and compliments.  I should promote the anthology of my plays, “Cervix With A Smile”, that Exit Press published over a year ago. I should try to perform more than twice a year.
 Part of me just wants to write about the unexpected consequences of when Bertie convinces Jeeves to be Fred Astaire to Bertie’s Ginger Rogers.
 If I was younger I wouldn’t be quite so conflicted. Oh, wait, I’m always so conflicted.

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SO, back in the 90s a book I wrote, “The Devil You Say”, was published by Avon as the start of a comic fantasy series.  It was a P.G. Wodehouse pastiche, more specifically, the Bertie/Jeeves stories.  The leads are Aubrey Arbuthnot, a perennially penniless English psychic detective, and his stoic manservant, Hornchurch.  The story involved a Book of Shadows, vengeful witches and Satan. Along with water spirit trapped in a water closet.  It was voted “Best First Novel” by several science fiction publications.

The next one I wrote was a prequel, “Strong Spirits”. It detailed how Aubrey discovered his psychic powers and met Hornchurch. And also worked his first case while being haunted by his father.  It got even better reviews.

I wrote an outline for the next book, “Bloodsuckers of 1933″, where Aubrey goes to Hollywood to consult on the first horror musical.  But then my editor was fired, so the series was abandoned.  The Aubrey books have such convoluted plots and are so labor-intensive I abandoned it and moved on to other projects.

There is a small, devoted audience who have asked when I was going to write another Aubrey book.  In the meantime, the books have gone out of print.  Nowadays, Kindle makes it easy to slap a book up online, which I’ve already done with some success.  This necessitated typing a new manuscript.

In the intervening years, I became a fangirl.  For years it was “House”.  House and Wilson are still my OTP.  I was introduced to the wonderful world of slash. Including looking at work through slash goggles.

When I wrote “Strong Spirits” I was unaware of slash. But in typing the manuscript, I can’t help viewing it through slash goggles and OMG! I’m shipping Aubrey and Hornchurch!  It’s making me really uncomfortable. 

One good thing: if people write slash fiction about them, I’ll get to read it.
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So, my fic has a tiny (but growing!) audience. I used to be frustrated about it, but accepted the reality: tiny audience, tiny comments. Also, I seem to be the only writer doing this. I wouldn't if I didn't keep compulsively coming up with stories. Believe me, if I could stop, I would stop.

However, sometimes the comments are so lovely they have brought me to tears. So I'm posting a few. Feel free to skip.  There's also a bunch on

Don't worry about not understanding what they're about.

ETA: If there seems to be a paucity of House stories, it's because all of the post-ep fics are in one place, and I removed "The Princess And The Peeved" from both sites.


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I wrote 3500 words of fic today, mostly in one sitting.  Oh dear eyeballs are going to fall out.
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Ok, continuing my Swiss Army Man discussions.  Comments will be screened.

So, Hank (in his mind) became Sarah, and then completely freaks out.  Now he's hopelessly confused. How can he believe he is a woman?  He defines himself as a straight male, and feels tremendous shame.  I'm going forward with the stories, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how Hank feels about all of this.  He's not just going to say, "oh, sometimes I forget who I am and I'm a woman during those times and it's cool".  When I've done male drag I've always been conscious of myself as a female. It's a persona, not a person.

Has anyone dealt with those issues, or known someone who has? I really need help with this.

ALSO: the question of virginity. Is it always having penetrative sex with a woman?  I'm hetero so that's always been the definition I've known.  What is it for gay men?  What defines virginity/no longer a virgin?
cuddyclothes: (Blah blah Sam) December, about how I had seen this amazing movie, Swiss Army Man. I felt the way I did when I saw House's Head/Wilson's Heart.  When I saw the latter, from the get-go I was seeing something I had never seen before, and that was it, hooked, even as the show groaned to its over-timely end. After I saw SAM, over the ensuing days I couldn't stop thinking about it.  Also, I have a new OTP (although House/Wilson are my forever OTP).

Not only is it funny, it's crazy, sweet, puerile and unexpectedly deep. Paul Dano as Hank and Daniel Radcliffe as dead Manny are spectacular. There is tremendous chemistry between the two actors, who are pretty much the whole show until the end. The Daniels, first-time feature directors, use deliberately low-tech effects (and real forest animals) to ground the film in physical reality. In an interview, Radcliffe said the film is not fantasy, it's magical realism. Which is a great description. It won the Best Directing Prize at Sundance, and is up for Best Directing and Best Editing at the Independent Spirit Awards, the indie Oscars. The cinematography is beautiful.

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This is a fanfic about presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane, one fateful night at their hotel. Chapters range from PG-13 to NC-17 because I am basically a seriously sick fuck.

Characters: Bernie Sanders, Jane Sanders
Rating: PG-13 for language
A/N: Apologies to my foreign readers if this makes no sense.

Little did Jane and Bernie knew their fateful night would start like this...

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