Feb. 2nd, 2017

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...in December, about how I had seen this amazing movie, Swiss Army Man. I felt the way I did when I saw House's Head/Wilson's Heart.  When I saw the latter, from the get-go I was seeing something I had never seen before, and that was it, hooked, even as the show groaned to its over-timely end. After I saw SAM, over the ensuing days I couldn't stop thinking about it.  Also, I have a new OTP (although House/Wilson are my forever OTP).

Not only is it funny, it's crazy, sweet, puerile and unexpectedly deep. Paul Dano as Hank and Daniel Radcliffe as dead Manny are spectacular. There is tremendous chemistry between the two actors, who are pretty much the whole show until the end. The Daniels, first-time feature directors, use deliberately low-tech effects (and real forest animals) to ground the film in physical reality. In an interview, Radcliffe said the film is not fantasy, it's magical realism. Which is a great description. It won the Best Directing Prize at Sundance, and is up for Best Directing and Best Editing at the Independent Spirit Awards, the indie Oscars. The cinematography is beautiful.

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