May. 19th, 2017

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In last night's double-episode finale:

Toni died
Ketch died
Hess died (I didn't know her name until it was mentioned on Twitter)
Buncha hunters died
Rowena died
Kelly died
Crowley died
Castiel died

Mary was sucked into Bizarro Post-Apocalypse World along with Lucifer, where dragged-out-of-mothballs Bobby was (I think) a freedom fighter or a random trigger-happy guy.

There's a weird looking person with a creepy smile named Jack, who I guess is going to be next season's Big Bad.

I called it as far as Castiel and Crowley.  Cas hasn't had a decent storyline since Season 6.  Crowley, as delightful as he was, had basically nothing to do and no purpose.  So I presume we're getting another "reset" as they inevitably say before the start of the next season.  Oh, and next season's taking your mind off this season's thing is a crossover Scooby Doo episode. For fuck's sake.

I'm not terribly affected by any of the deaths, except Rowena, who deserved better.  The show has been crawling along like a dying rabbit for several years now.  The funny thing is, when I told Jeff that I wasn't going to watch Season 13, he said, "Don't you want to see what happens?"

Uh, no.


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