Aug. 22nd, 2017

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At some point I knew I was going to break a bone. You don't get to be my age without breaking something.

Two nights ago I slammed my foot into the thick wooden leg of an ottoman.  It hurt like bejezuz.  The next morning it hurt like twelve times bejezuz, plus I could hardly walk.  My faithful dog walker was available, so he came and got Fletcher.

In other news: THE ECLIPSE!  I ran downstairs without knowing exactly how I was going to look at it. I figured how to turn my camera into selfie-mode, then point it up at the sky.  It was cloudy here in NYC.  There were several large crowds out on Broadway. Each one contained people with eclipse glasses, who passed them around!  It was incredible!  The huge black disc in front of the orange fiery one.  They were separating by the time they got here, 2:45 PM Eastern Time.  The dog walker had Fletcher out during that time; I hope neither of them go blind.  Although I can't envision my dog staring at the sun.

This morning Jeff taped up my toe to another one, and I've been limping around with a cane again. ARGH!  I have a marble umbrella stand with an assortment of canes and walking sticks.  Every time I think about culling my collection, something like this happens.


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